BOLOGNA, NOT only BARTOLINI, COVID-19 also infected with TNT. Here’s what’s going on »


CORONAVIRUS: BOLOGNA, NOT only BARTOLINI, COVID-19 also infected with TNT. Here’s what’s going on

New case of COVID in a Bologna freight forwarder, this time TNT is recording cases.
There’s a new coronavirus outbreak in Bologna and once again in anShipping company: after the case Bartolini, this time it is TNT to host the new outbreak from COVID-19. The local newspaper of the La Repubblica newspaper reports this: the outbreak was discovered thanks to the contact tracking, after two workers had tested positive.

Currently (10 July) they are counted 26 asymptomatic and 3 symptomatic, for a total of 29 people interested: in total they are executed 220 swabs, in order to immediately contain thecoronavirus explosion among employees. The subjects who were infected were immediately placed in quarantine or, alternatively, in places offered by Healthcare Organizations, where you can spend the period of isolation, as long as they do not receive theunsuccessful.
In this circumstance, the Regional Councilor for Health, Raffaele Donini, as reported BolognaToday, said that “We do not want to block such a crucial supply chain as that of logistics, but we cannot tolerate any risk to the health and safety of all Emilia-Romagna. For this reason, in a few days we will define a regional ordinance that will make serological tests mandatory for all workers in the sector.”.

The region Emilia Romagna, therefore, it is taking steps to make the shipping branch even safer, as it is a strategic sector for the local economy and potentially at riskgiven the two recent cases in two different companies.

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