Bologna, dismantled organization for illegal immigration


BOLOGNA – An organization with a reference point in Ghana that favored the expatriation with false documents of people to Italy and then other countries has been dismantled by the Bologna mobile team together with the staff of the border police office. A custodial order, issued by the investigating judge of the Court of Bologna, was carried out yesterday morning against three people of Ghanaian origin investigated for criminal association aimed at aiding illegal immigration and false documents, crimes aggravated by transnationality. The restrictive measures were carried out in the cities of Modena and Acerra where the direct collaborators of the head of the organization resided.The investigations took place in July 2019 after the arrest of a woman from Ghana who, having landed on a flight from Casablanca to Marconi airport in Bologna, had exhibited counterfeit documents for two minors who traveled with her and who said she was her daughters. According to what emerged, the network was headed by a government official committed to the Ghanaian Immigration Office and in exchange for money – with average costs ranging from 2 thousand to 7 thousand euros – he organized with falsified documents for expatriation air travel to the Italy and then abroad.
According to what emerged in the investigations, the government official provided a real ‘vademecum’ on how to behave if you were stopped at the border: the first advice was to seek political asylum, and then Italian language lessons, at a cost of 100 euros each, to learn useful words to face the controls. He, towards whom we will proceed through the foreign institutional channels for the notification of the guarantee information, is considered at the top of the organization and is the one who modified passports and documents that he then provided to those who wanted to leave Ghana, women in particular.

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