Bodies of soldiers killed near Aruba arrive in the Netherlands on Saturday NOW


The bodies of the two soldiers killed in Aruba are still being brought to the Netherlands this week. The plane with their bodies arrives at Eindhoven Air Base on Saturday, Defense reports Thursday.

Aviator Christine Martens (34) and tactical coordinator Erwin Warnies (33) were killed when the maritime attack helicopter in which they crashed unexpectedly crashed into the Caribbean Sea on Sunday.

Their bodies were on Tuesday with the navy ship the Zr.Ms. Groningen brought to the port of the Curacao capital Willemstad.

Defense now reports that the bodies of Martens and Warnies are being flown to the Netherlands with a KDC-10 transport aircraft. The aircraft is expected to land in Eindhoven on Saturday around 1 p.m. The bodies of the military are transferred to the next of kin after a short ceremony at the airbase.

The two were on a patrol flight at the time of the accident. Things went wrong when they returned to the Zr.Ms. Groningen. The other two soldiers in the helicopter survived the crash, but suffered minor injuries.

It is not yet clear what caused the helicopter to crash. According to Defense, there was no indication that there was something wrong with the device. The Defense Safety Inspectorate (IVD) and the Dutch Safety Board (OVV) are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

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