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CORONAVIRUS: ZERO BLOOD GROUP and A, that’s who is more at risk of falling ill than COVID-19

BLOOD GROUP, which protects against VIRUS?The researches and studies that revolve around the coronavirus they do not stop, and bounce from one side of the planet to the other. A new studio, coming from California, states that a blood group may be more resistant to VIRUS than others. Which?
This would be Group “0” (ZERO)
. The test was carried out by a Californian company on 750 thousand participants, of which 10 thousand positive to the virus. Between these, the researchers saw it as blood type 0 can be more protective if you get infected with COVID-19.

The first results showed how patients belonging to that typology have between 9% and 18% less likely to be positive compared to those belonging to other blood groups. In essence, this type of blood could even prevent infection.
“These results are valid if appropriate age, gender, body mass index, ethnicity and comorbidities “, which added that “there seem to be small differences in susceptibility between other blood groups.”

It is important to underline, to avoid misunderstandings, how research has only examined the susceptibility and not the severity of the disease.

If he
group 0 could protect, which would be the one most at risk instead? Things change for those with the blood of type A: there would be 50% more likely to need oxygen or assisted ventilation. The study, not yet reviewed, collected samples from 1,610 patients of various nationalities with the most severe forms of coronavirus. The process that led to the result consisted
in the extraction of DNA from the samples and 9 million letters were examined in each patient’s genome: well, it turned out that blood type “A”
it could create complications in case you get the virus. A first hint of these results had already occurred in Wuhan when, in an investigation of two hospitals, he had seen himself as people with group 0 were more resistant compared to those with group A.

Ultimately, however, a reflection is a must: more than hoping to protect the blood group, it is good to continue to protect yourself with masks, social distancing e
sanitizing.The 4 BLOOD groupsThe 4 BLOOD groups

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