Bizarre translation found after Naya Rivera died: “I didn’t do it”


Photo AFP / M / Winkelmeyer

The death of ‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera, who drowned in a lake in California, has caused quite a stir. Her Instagram page has a bizarre and sinister text, which sounds even crazier when translated into Dutch.

In a video from the beginning of March, which can be seen below, Naya already wrote a striking text: “A – Gravity keeps pulling me down, but the urge to keep breathing makes me float.”

The video shows Naya sitting in a bath and her head underwater. As if it is not crazy enough, the translation takes a bizarre turn.

“I did not do it

If you click on translate below, this text will appear: “One – Gravity keeps pulling me down, but the urge to breathe helps me float. I didn’t do it, ”as the screenshots below show.

Many reactions under the post are therefore from Dutch people who are shocked by the bizarre translation: “Omg press translate…”, “Look how strange, don’t you know if you followed it?”

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