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There Ferrari he faced the Austrian Grand Prix knowing that it would be a difficult race, so much so that before the start the team principal Mattia Binotto had set a target within the top 6 within the reach of the two Reds. Charles Leclerc, on the other hand, took home an unexpected podium, thanks to the last ten laps that saw him take advantage of every opportunity presented to him on the track. Not so well went to Sebastian Vettel, who turned the hairpin Remus trying to attack Carlos Sainz, before halfway through the race. The German then ended his anonymous race in the rear only tenth, out of twelve drivers who reached the finish. Mattia Binotto commented to Sky Italia the performance of the two standard bearers of the Cavallino.

Binotto: “Unexpected podium, the team is united”

Mattia Binotto (Ferrari team principal): “The second place was a beautiful surprise. I believe that nobody expected it after yesterday’s qualifying. Charles had a fantastic race. He defended when there was to defend and attacked when he could, he made fantastic overtaking. I’m happy with the second place, but we don’t forget the performance problems we have at the moment, like yesterday’s qualifying. We have that very clear. There is a lot to do. Already looking at the next race, our goal is to improve every time. Vettel? Too bad for the points lost with him, thinking for example that Red Bull did not make any, so it was important to maximize our points. At that moment for sure made a mistake. He says that the car was not well balanced today and he found it hard to drive it. When a driver says he is struggling with his car, maybe he makes a few more mistakes. The fact remains that you could have done better.

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