between Italy and the USA historical and profound link


Friday July 3, 2020 – 11:14 pm

Mattarella to Trump: between Italy and the USA historical and profound bond

Message on the occasion of American Independence Day

Rome, July 3 (askanews) – There is a “historical and profound link” between Italy and the United States. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, recalled this in the message sent to President Donald Trump on the occasion of American Independence Day.

“On the occasion of the 244th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, I liked to formulate, on behalf of all Italians and my staff, best wishes for the friend of the American people”, writes Mattarella in the message, published on the website of the Italian embassy in Washington, “The historic and profound bond between our two countries, cemented by the presence of a large and active community of Italian origin in the United States and by vital commercial and cultural exchanges, has also been reaffirmed vigorously in the current dramatic health emergency. In renewing the sincere gratitude for the solidarity shown on this occasion, I am sure that the relationship between the United States and Italy will only emerge more solid in the constant sharing of the principles of freedom, peace, justice and democracy “.

“It is my sincere hope that Washington and Rome, also strong in the transatlantic link and the underlying values, will be able to further develop, in every area and forum, a valuable and effective collaboration, for the benefit of their citizens and for health, safety and security. international economic prosperity “, added the President of the Republic,” With this spirit and in the welcome memory of our meeting in Washington, I am happy to send you my warmest wishes for your person, your family and for all the citizens of the States States of America “.


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