Bernardeschi’s report cards: suffers from the difference in rhythm and misses all choices in the area


Very few lights for Federico Bernardeschi yesterday against Atalanta in a game whose result in the end smiles at Juventus. For us of the former Fiorentina is one of the worst bianconeri of the match with a performance of 5 on his report card. Of the same opinion is the Corriere dello Sport, according to which “alternate moments of silence with some good play”.

Same vote also from Corriere della Sera, who writes “at the gates of the area all the choices are wrong”. Half an extra point from The Gazzetta dello Sport, according to which “when it faces the other it doesn’t hurt”. Also for Tuttosport his test is 5.5, although “he suffers terribly the difference in pace and pace with rivals”.

Gazzetta dello Sport: 5,5
Tuttosport: 5,5
Corriere dello Sport: 5
Corriere della Sera: 5 4,5


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