Berlin dissolves special forces units: “compromised” by right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis


BERLIN – We are not at the level of the black army of the 1920s, the Schwarze Reichswehr (the armed forces then renamed Wehrmacht) which brought together pieces of far-right Freikorps against the “internal enemy”, against the Bolsheviks and France. But by now the German special forces, the Ksk, have become such a cancer in the Bundeswehr that the defense minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer it decided to suspend it until October and to partially dissolve, in particular the units infected by nostalgic and neo-Nazis. The conservative minister promises a radical reform of the special teams of the German army.A sensational decision, arrived after the discovery that 48 thousand ammunition and 62 kilos of explosives have disappeared from the arsenal of this elite body, which is often compared to the American Navy Seals and which in the past has fought the Taliban in Afghanistan and war criminals in the former Yugoslavia.
In an interview with Sueddeutsche ZeitungKramp-Karrenbauer explained that “those who work for the Ksk have unique skills and are capable of carrying out highly specialized operations. More than other Bundeswehr soldiers, they must commit themselves to our constitution and to the democratic and liberal order. We cannot tolerate “compromises.In the past on the Ksk, founded in 1996 and based in Calw, Baden-Wuerttenberg, scandals often emerged, always linked to the presence of right-wing extremists. Already in 2003 the commander Reinhard Guenzel he had been kicked out after his anti-Semitic and extremist allegations emerged.

In 2017, a farewell party for an officer with Hitlerian greetings and neo-Nazi music caused a sensation. And a year ago an officer had been dismissed for expressing opinions from Reichsbuerger, from nostalgic for the Empire that does not recognize the Federal Republic. The lieutenant colonel had claimed in a closed Facebook group that the state no longer had control of refugees and that it was necessary to take things in hand independently.

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