Beppe Grillo, that insult to the Romans that hides a defeat


Beppe Grillo does not know what it is Roma. He has always insulted it or considered it a bargaining chip for political and political plots. He laughed at his misfortunes, like that of the potholes. Every time he landed down here, he did it with that grimace of disgust that could have been spared. READ ALSO -> Beppe Grillo publishes the sonnet for Raggi: «Roma nun te merita». She criticizes the author: “Sewer people must be removed”

And without understanding that down here, unfortunately wrong, has never been taken seriously. Grillo does not love Rome because he is too much bigger than he is. He believes he can deal with it with a sneer, but come on: this is the place where satire was invented and it would deserve at least that someone knows how to satirize at the level where great literature has accustomed us. And not degrading – come on, Beppe, you can do better! Or maybe you could bet on Belli or on Trilussa or on Pascarella that the flaws of Rome knew them to know and represent – a repeater of a pseudo-pop sonnet already circulating on the web to turn it for or against? Rays: “In Virgi ‘pijia’ na suitcase, you fijio, you husband, give me a whistle, that we are getting away from people of the sewer.”

Roman sewer people, the very ones who civilized the world? Those who gave the law and the right to all other peoples? Those, just to stay today, who have just lost a great Roman, Ennio Morricone, but have many others to rely on because, even if in Sant’Ilario (Genoa) they don’t know, history is not water, on the contrary is it a piece of the future? And it is all too easy, as is being done in these hours on social networks, to draw up the list of alleged Romans “de fogna” that made this city and the country it represents great: in addition to Morricone and (to name one) after Cicero , Anna Magnani and Aldo Fabrizi, Marcello Mastroianni and Alberto Sordi, Enrico Fermi and Guglielmo Marconi, and so on but the list would fill an entire newspaper, not to mention those like Pirandello that Rome made immense.

There would also be no need to mention the names of Roman pride. And just go back to the point. It is not possible to make oneself so small – while feeling a great leader but remaining comical – to the point of losing sight of reality. Which is that of a capital in decline certainly not because of the Romans – as if the sofas left next to the dumpster in Milan do not exist and as if “funny” under other words were unknown in northern cities – but because of whom, and Grillo is at the top of the list, he translated neo-politics into maladministration. And now he also claims to give lessons of macaronic style. Forgetting between one insult and another (“Slutty Rome”, “Rubbish of people”), that the capital ended up penultimate in the ranking of how municipalities are administered and certainly not for the demerit of those who live there.

If Rome, as Grillo says, does not deserve the Rays, Italy does not deserve to have a guarantor of the national government that does not deeply feel the importance of this capital and tramples on that patriotic bond that it should instead honor. A word of reproach, on the part of Conte and in defense of Rome, towards an attack like this would be very good. Precisely because we are not faced with a sneer but with a qualunquistic offense. There is hatred in Beppe’s wrong satire perhaps because Rome and the Romans have proved irreducible to be mistreated by a policy that they do not deserve and can not bear having to suffer these years of low chronicle not up to their history.

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