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Franco Bechis

Until the last legislature, the budget of the 5-star movement was a real mystery: not taking reimbursements from the state, they were not required to publish them. With the new law sweepers all must do it. And they are a surprise: Beppe Grillo and his heirs are the richest political party in Parliament, with an overall profit that exceeds 6 million euros and that Silvio Berlusconi like Nicola Zingaretti, Matteo Salvini, Matteo Renzi, Giorgia Meloni and all would dream of other leaders leading political forces. Of course, 5-star accounting is a nice labyrinth. Officially they do not take public money, even if this is not true because the salaries of the elect who are partly turned over to the Movement are money paid by the Italians, as well as the reimbursements to the parliamentary groups and the council groups in the various Regions that are abundantly used to make your political activity. But unlike the other parties and movements present in Parliament, the grillini divide their accounts among numerous committees and associations. One of these, the one that bears the original name of “5 star Movement Association”, is a completely empty container. He regularly presents a budget signed by the political leader Vito Crimi, but has zero entries and zero exits, and of course zero assets. There are also numerous ad hoc committees that serve to finance individual initiatives. Like the “5-star Initiatives Committee”, which has a profit of 132,228 euros and slightly higher current account and Paypal availability: 132,815 euros. It is chaired by Pietro Dettori and has as its corporate object “the organization, promotion, coordination and management of events called 5-star Italy”. For each of …


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