Bentancur is the mezzala of the future, but not the director. And Arthur is not enough …


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Among Carlos Tevez’s legacies to Juventus, in addition to the increase in Juventus’ firepower in the transition from Conte to Allegri, dotted with the unexpected achievement of the 2015 Champions League final, there is also Rodrigo Bentancur’s black and white landing. The Uruguayan midfielder was in fact one of the talents of Boca Juniors on which Juve obtained a right of first refusal in the deal that brought Argentina back toApache. Allegri had seen us right about that boy, so much so that when he launched it in 2017 he warned “Bentancur will be the surprise of the Serie A”. After all, he was the ideal player for him: not an imaginative anarchist, but an intelligent balancer, with good touch and tendency to insert when needed. He paid a little physically, but this problem in three years has been fixed. And he grew up consolidating his median position.ALARM – Then Sarri came. Not that the player is involved with the former Napoli manager, on the contrary. However, a tactical misconception emerged against Atalanta. For the Sarrian game setup, there is a real director in between. An endangered breed, perhaps, but still embodied by players like Pjanic. Here, the Bosnian has been, naturally, the master of the control room for the whole season. But when it needs to be replaced, who takes its place? On Bentancur, Sarri’s choice fell due to his attitude and characteristics. But last night, against an opponent who does not make you think in midfield, it seemed quite evident that the excellent 23 year old Rodrigo is not the right player to be the conductor of sarrism. He struggles to keep the geometric black and white cobweb together from the nerve center. And since Pjanic will be gone next season, the need to take on a new director is on the horizon.

MARKET – Arthur, in fact, arriving from Barcelona just in exchange for Pjanic, is a splendid mezzala. But he’s not a director either. And since Sarri has a solid contract with Juventus, today we can’t help but face the problem. Who could Paratici focus on to fill this technical-tactical gap? It is no coincidence that there has been a lot of talk about Jorginho, the former Napoli coach’s trusted man in that role. But why not try to snatch Sandro Tonali from the competition? Juve has made young Italian talents a cornerstone of its strategy. In short, long black and white life to Rodrigo Bentancur. To the Bentancur mezzala! And someone, in the meantime, think of the director.

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