Bennett to the government: “The trend is halted – do not add restrictions”


Right-wing chairman Naftali Bennett, who set up the “Civil Corona Cabinet”, called this morning (Sunday) for the government to stop the restrictions on the population and the economy.

A further increase in the number of respirators, four die today from Corona

“In light of the data from the last two weeks, I call on the government: Wait. Do not tighten the steps at this stage. Do not close restaurants and certainly not summer camps.” According to Bennett, “the government must set up a system to cut off adhesive chains today, and wait until next Thursday to examine the trend.”

Bennett claims that the numbers from the last two weeks show the beginning of a slowdown in infection numbers: “In light of the cumulative data of the last two weeks, it appears that there is a consistent slowdown in the multiplication coefficient of both infected and moderately and severely ill patients. She is more moderate.
“A doubling rate of 8-9 days for those infected, about two weeks ago, now the rate is about 18-19 (!), A similar trend even in severe patients, with a delay of several days.”

(Graph presented by Bennett)

According to the former defense minister, mortality will continue to rise due to the infection that has already been caused, but the government must wait: “Unfortunately, we will still see an increase in mortality due to infections that have already occurred.
1. Continue to wear masks, guard grandparents, and avoid gathering in enclosed spaces. Of course, all state laws must be obeyed.
2. Braking will take time, and there may also be a change for the worse. So be patient. Therefore – the Government of Israel: Wait. Not to ease or make it worse. “
3. To attack the establishment of the corona eradication system. ”

Bennett also welcomed the impending appointment of Prof. Gabi Barbash as head of the Corona struggle on behalf of the government, and wrote that he would help him if asked: “I welcome the appointment of Professor Barbash as project manager of the campaign against the Corona. . Bennett wrote.

Bennett responds to restrictions last timePhoto: Spokeswoman

The Ministry of Health announced this morning that last night 1,414 new infections were confirmed in Israel in Corona, out of 20,236 test results received yesterday. Although this is a low number compared to the last few days, as every week, the number of tests – and the new infections – fall on Fridays and Saturdays.

As of this morning, the number of patients and active carriers in Israel is 27,729. Of these, there are 238 patients whose condition is defined as severe, a jump of 17 since last night, with 62 of them in need of resuscitation. This is an increase of seven respirators since midnight.
Four people have died since midnight as a result of the virus, and the total number of deaths from the outbreak is 406.

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