Bennett Lapid: “It is impossible to be both right and joint”


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The chairman of Yemina today (Monday) responded to the remarks of opposition chairman Yair Lapid about joining forces with Bennett and Lieberman if Netanyahu resigns, and said that this is not a realistic possibility. In his remarks, he called on the Yesh Atid-TLAM faction to focus on treating Corona instead.

“Yair, it is impossible for both Bennett and Joint. There will not be,” Bennett clarified. “We are in a state of national emergency. Suggests bad friends to focus on helping defeat the corona and not encouraging anarchy.” At the same time, right-wing sources said that “we understand the narrative. We understand that Lapid needs the right-wing. It will not work Yair, leave Bennett.”

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Bennett: After the corona, the government needs to be replaced


Earlier, Lapid referred to the formation of a government the day after Benjamin Netanyahu in case he resigned, when, according to him, he would join forces with Bennett and Lieberman. “If Netanyahu resigns, within 48 hours, we will establish a real emergency government here,” Lapid said. “A true unity government, not the huge detached government we got stuck with – the real thing. 18 ministers, an effective, sharp, purposeful government.”

The opposition leader claimed, “Once Netanyahu resigns, everyone will join. Will unite forces. We, Bennett, Lieberman. “His remarks came after Bennett had earlier referred to the possibility of entering government and made it clear that” I will not enter this bad government. After the corona the government needs to be replaced. Ego and politics are above the struggle in Corona. I do not remember such a thing. “

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