Bennett: “I will assist Professor Barbash in any way he requests”


Naftali Bennett (Photo: Tomer Namburg / Flash 90)

In light of reports that Prof. Gabi Barbash has been appointed corona projector, former Defense Minister and right-wing chairman Naftali Bennett says: “I welcome the appointment of Professor Barbash as the project manager of the campaign against the Corona.

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Prof. Gabi Barbash has been appointed Projector of the Corona


Bennett continues to present the ways in which he believes the corona virus should be fought, and calls on the government in light of the data of the past two weeks to wait and not aggravate the steps at this stage. “Do not close restaurants and certainly not summer camps.”

(Bennett in the Knitted Studio. Photo: Ariel Liba, Editing: Yohanan Bleich)

Bennett adds that “the government must set up a system to cut off adhesive chains today, and wait until next Thursday to examine the trend. Medium and severe patients. “

He said, “This means that there is still an increase, but it is more moderate. From a doubling rate of 8-9 days in infected people, about two weeks ago, now the rate is about 18-19 (!). A similar trend in severe patients, in delay,” “Several days. Unfortunately, we still see an increase in mortality due to the infections that have already occurred.” And

Bennett presents the required course of action, on all sides:

“Continue to wear masks, guard grandparents, and avoid gathering in enclosed spaces. Of course, all state laws must be obeyed.

2. Braking will take time, and there may also be a change for the worse. So be patient. Therefore – the Government of Israel: Wait. Not to alleviate and not to aggravate. And

3. To attack the establishment of the corona eradication system. “

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