Benevento in Serie A, Napoli fans write in May: “We will give you what Sarri took away from you”


It is a very positive moment for Campania football: Napoli won the Italian Cup and Benevento returned to Serie A.

The Benevento of records he returned to Serie A after a 1-0 win against Juve Stabia. The Samnites therefore return to the top flight seven days in advance. At the final whistle an entire city, glued in front of the televisions, exploded in a roar of joy that started the celebrations that lasted all night. In all the main squares, including Piazza Risorgimento, there was a fluttering of flags, of smoke bombs. In Benevento there was the night of the witches. TO Naples, a few weeks ago, the party for the Italian Cup.

The Napoli fans, very sportingly, “cheered” on social media for the return of the Campanian club to Serie A. The compliments of Aurelio De Laurentiis to Vigorito, patron of the Giallorossi. The Neapolitan supporters, in particular, are happy because they will find Christian Maggio again, captain of Benevento, even if as an opponent. “At San Paolo we will give you what Sarri unworthily took away from you”, writes a fan alluding to the last game of May in the blue jersey when the current Juventus coach left him on the bench all the time without letting him in. And then: “You are a great Christian man, you have regained Serie A on the pitch, as a true lord of football, Naples loves you and will always love you for the splendid boy you are”.

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