Ben El Tavori: The harsh reaction after the meeting of Shimi and the son


Yesterday (Sunday) we opened the week with good news that the singer Put Tavori He finally met his new grandson for the first time Prince character A year and a half old. The one who decided to hold the exciting union is the mother Ortal Amar, Without knowing the ex and father of her son, Ben El-Tavori. Ben El, who was on the set at the time for the new and shared clip with Static andAnna Zack, Was exposed to document the encounter between Shimi and his character on social media and in the media – together with all of Israel.

Shimi Tavori, Yehudit Bauman, Tu Prince (Photo: Private)

Attendees who were on the set reported to TMI that Ben El took the meeting very hard, especially when he watched a video of Shimi singing to his character. “He shouted that he did not believe she (Ortal) was doing this to him behind his back and that she would pay dearly for it,” said an acquaintance present at the scene. The crew members present at the scene tried to calm Ben El down and the filming for the new clip was delayed for several minutes until Ben El calmed down.

On behalf of Ben El Tavori, it was reported: “never happened and never existed”.

Static, Ben El Tavori (Photo: Ofer Chen)Static, Ben El Tavori (Photo: Ofer Chen)

After 24 hours have passed in which Ben El digested Ortal Amar’s move, he launches a frontal attack against his son’s mother. The singer attacks Amar for choosing to expose personal and family issues in the media, but he himself attacks her on the networks and does exactly the same thing. In a story he posted in the last few minutes, Ben El referred to Amar’s response for her: “Family is a supreme value,” writing: “Anyone looking for a family does not bring cameras and does everything quietly. I would suggest you focus on your family, less on my family successfully,” concluding with an icon of Lev red.

Ortal Amar, Ben El Tavori (Photo: Instagram)Ortal Amar, Ben El Tavori (Photo: Instagram)

Shimi Tavori, did you hear that Ben El was very angry about your encounter with a character?
Dear son to God there is no reason to be angry it is not against him, Ortal did what every mother wants for her son, family closeness. What is between them, we are not part of the conflicts. Yehudit and I were happy and it was good that the boy knew the other side of his blood. Bad”.

Yehudit Bauman, Shimi Tavori, Ortal Amar (Photo: Private)Yehudit Bauman, Shimi Tavori, Ortal Amar (Photo: Private)

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