Belgium warns against traveling to the Netherlands


Belgium warns residents that a trip to the Netherlands can have consequences. The Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made the Netherlands an orange destination instead of a green one, which means that there are conditions attached to the trip.

The only reason is the urgent advice from the Dutch government that people who have been in the province of Antwerp should be quarantined for two weeks, says a ministry spokesman. “Traveling from Knokke to Zeeland or from Belgian to Dutch Limburg is not a problem in our view,” he adds.

In the province of Antwerp, a curfew and other strict measures will apply from Wednesday evening to prevent the spread of the corononavirus. Especially in the city itself, the number of infections has risen rapidly in recent days.


“Travelers from the province of Antwerp are expected to enter (home) quarantine after entering the Netherlands,” the website of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs states. “From the province of Antwerp to the Netherlands for parties, shopping or a day out is therefore not possible.”

Healthcare professionals, border workers and transport workers, among others, do not have to be quarantined if they travel for work, unless they have health problems. People who return from the Netherlands do not have to be tested and do not have to go into quarantine, the spokesman said.

Text: ANP


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