Belgian woman (54) thinks she is chicken, psychologists speak of ‘rare delusion’ Abroad


The woman showed all the characteristics of a chicken: she blew up her cheeks, strummed, clucked and also crowed like a rooster. Furthermore, she was disoriented and hyperactive. She said that she had wandered down the street barefoot, wearing her dressing gown, at around 4 a.m. “A general feeling of being unwell had been present for several days, as well as a strange feeling in the limbs, as if they no longer fit her body and flapped uncontrollably. The patient expressed the thought of being a chicken and that they had forgotten to raise her. “

For two months, the woman suffered from sleep disorders, fatigue and lost eight pounds due to a severely reduced appetite. Some family members appeared to have recently become ill and / or deceased. She had also had poor appraisal interviews at work. She worked as a pharmacy worker and had been in a relationship for 20 years.

The woman was given medication and admitted to a psychiatric ward. “The patient remembered the thoughts of being a chicken, but not the behavior she had exhibited. She herself found it a shameful experience. ”

Zoanthropia, or thinking you’re an animal, was found to have occurred only 56 times in 162 years in the latest 2013 study. The woman was treated successfully and was able to return to work after a year.

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