Belgian coach fired in Tanzania: trainer calls own fans ‘dogs and monkeys’


The name Luc Eymael will not immediately be known to many, but the Belgian trainer was until recently the trainer of the Tanzanian top club Young Africans. Until recently, because on Monday he was fired by the club after racist comments.

RTBF reveals the remarkable story of Eymael. After the Young Africans players secured second place in the Tanzanian league, he went overboard himself, even during the official press conference. Initially, he accused the football association of favoring major competitor FC Simba. However, that turned out to be just the beginning.
Afterwards, Eymael only went all the way with some racist statements. “I don’t like it, here in Tanzania,” he said. “You are not developed. It disgusts me. I have no car, no internet … The fans know nothing about football. They are like monkeys and dogs when they call out.”
It is beyond dispute that such statements cannot be accepted. Young Africans reacted in advance by immediately putting Eymael on the street. It is not yet clear whether further sanctions will follow.

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