Belen Rodriguez, heart torn? De Martino paparazzato in boat with … scoop-earthquake – Libero Quotidiano


Francesco Fredella

Stefano De Martino paparazzato with a blonde who is not Belen Rodriguez. The scoop is from the weekly New, directed by Riccardo Signoretti who captures it an unrecognizable girl with a stunning physique. Amici’s former dancer has fun and “takes off on the boat”, as the weekly writes. It is a mystery about the identity of the woman. Meanwhile, De Martino closes in a religious silence. Belen, however, publishes photos and continues to fly on social media.

The break – for the second time – remains shrouded in mystery. There are no clues that lead to the real reasons: all assumptions. In short, few certainties. But the cover photo on Nuovo leaves little doubt: De Martino appears serene. He smiles. A moment of relaxation. Will she be her new flame? Mystery. It does not seem at all on the high seas.

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