Belén, Marcuzzi and De Martino: gossip or commercials?


At one time, the unequivocal photo of the kiss or at least that of him and her entering and leaving the same door was needed. There was no Internet and, to write without the proven and exhibitable proof that Alessia Marcuzzi conjugated Calabresi Marconi cheated on her husband with her husband Beln Rodriguez, the lawsuit was certain, the sentence to compensate the damages insured. Nobody would have dared. Today, true or false, shoot it online for a moment and the multiplication of links immediately and irreversibly. You can sue, but what’s the use? Today, true, false, boh. Amen. If you are one of the alleged fedifraghi, just deny it via social media. my word against yours. One is worth one. True, false, who can say it, who cares.

Belen Rodriguez, Stefano De Martino and Alessia Marcuzzi: the gossip of the summer
The protagonists

so that for weeks on websites, newspapers, social networks and on TV, questions have been raised about the triangle of summer 2020. Summary of the sketches. In early May, the Dagospia site underwent a marriage between the host of Temptation Islands and the producer Paolo Calabresi Marconi. A week passes and the two appear together on the beach at Circeo. Crisis returned. Peace. So it seems. A few days later, spotlight on Beln. Here, it’s up to rewind the tape, because where Beln is, the gossip gets bigger. Beln Rodriguez, from Argentina with fury, after years with Bonnie and Clyde with Fabrizio Corona, leave the king of paparazzi to his trials, steal the dancer Stefano De Martino to the singer Emma Marrone and marries him. The two have a son, then break up. She goes with the motorcyclist Andrea Iannone, then she has a flashback with her ex-husband, they try again, for the good of the family.

Last month, however, she appears sad on Instagram, hinting that the couple broke out, that things happened that she didn’t deserve. A minute later, vabb, she appears all happy in the stories, at the restaurant with her brother and, coincidentally, passes Iannone. Insults, misleading. Now, Beln, in the petticoat in the bathroom, really destroyed. He looks at the camera and says: If I’m around and randomly people arrive, it’s not my fault. And above all: This is a difficult moment and I do not take responsibility for the blame. In short, the responsibilities are elsewhere. Guess where. The bomb releases it as usual Dagospia: There is a red thread linking the end of the De Martino-Beln relationship and the Marcuzzi-Calabresi crisis: the clandestine relationship discovered by Beln between Alessia Marcuzzi and De Martino. Boom.

Belen Rodriguez kisses Gianmaria Antinolfi on Capri, Stefano De Martino with another «Rodriguez»
The kiss

Immediate the split between those D’Agostino has done only two plus two, those that D’Agostino always guesses us and those who have a whole advertising frame (by Beln, why are the other two interested?). Incidentally, the only link between the two alleged lovers, she is 47, he is 30, whom he was sent to The island of the famous conducted by Alessia in 2018. At this point, De Martino, to whom it must be acknowledged that in the meantime she has freed herself from the role of Beln’s husband and leads with good listening an early evening program on Raidue, Made in Sud, makes a video to say that she heard Alessia and her husband and they laughed at the fake news. It hums If I fall in love. If I fall in love, I’ll let you know. Alessia posts the cover of Woody Allen’s book, title: About nothing. Ended here? No way. Roberto D’Agostino returns to the office and writes that the affair was discovered by Beln, who had connected his iPhone to her husband’s iPad and read the messages between the two. Ca ** ate, commenter Beln. And De Martino: No message, no iPad, with Alessia there is only mutual respect, we will decide together how to move.

Then, D’Agostino specific to the weekly Today to have an unsuspected and very reliable source. Meanwhile, Alessia returns single. At least in the photos I post from Positano, where with friends, the daughter had by Francesco Facchinetti and the son had by the footballer Simone Inzaghi. Of the consort, no trace. Ironically, or to prove that Covid is a forced Italian summer, the three sides of the triangle are all in the same sea triangle. De Martino in Naples, because he returns from his parents and leads him Made in Sud, and Beln, who suffered so much, a Capri because she gets engaged to a manager of those parts, such Gianmaria Antinolfi, sculpted physique and a job in Milan in high fashion. Avalanches of comments. Ever since the fans sympathized with believing her betrayed, now they wonder how it is possible that one day she cries and the day after she already loves another. In fact, the only certainty of this story is her on Chi kissing the other. For the rest, to know the truth, we must go back to doing things old-fashioned: either there will be a photo of the kiss between the two alleged lovers or one of the two alleged betrayed talks and unmasks the thing; or nothing, we will remain in doubt. Not forever. We forget. Just the time you spend the summer.

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