Beijing to Washington reaction: We never intended to challenge the US


“China has never intended to replace the United States and the two countries should meet in the middle of the way,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying made evaluations at the regular press conference in the capital Beijing, that the Washington administration was trying to break down the current international order and that Chinese-related hackers were stealing vaccination against Kovid-19 in the United States.

Advocating that the US accusations are false readings and judgments about the Beijing government’s strategic intent, Hua said, “China has never intended to challenge the United States or replace (the US) and to resist the US’s fight against the epidemic. What we care about most is to increase the welfare of our people, and what we hope is the peace and stability of the world. ” used expressions.

“The two parties need to meet each other’s key interests and carry out dialogue and negotiation equally,” Hua said, in order to continue the steady development of the Sino-US relations in the current situation, the two sides must meet mid-way. spoke in the form.

Indicating that China is an independent country, Hua stressed that he has the right to protect his interests in sovereignty, security and development and to defend the fruits of the works that the Chinese people struggle in difficult times. Hua argued that the United States had the right to reject the bullying and injustices targeting his country, and to respond to the defamation and attacks targeting China.

“Some US officials claim that China is conducting a cyber attack to steal the U.S. vaccine, this is very absurd,” Hua said, referring to the allegations that US officials are attacking Chinese-related hackers’ Kovid-19 vaccination efforts in the US. said.

US Justice Minister William Barr, in a statement yesterday, targeting the Chinese administration, “The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is ruling one of the world’s most ancient civilizations with an iron fist. To overthrow the international system-based law, the great power of production and mastery of the Chinese people is under pressure.” trying to get. ” had used the expression.

Barr also emphasized that Chinese hackers are trying to infiltrate Kovid-19 efforts in the US, “The Beijing administration, who was caught red-handed while trying to cover up the Kovid-19 outbreak, is now desperately pursuing a public relations coup. may be working. ” he spoke.

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