“Because the case of Luca Palamara, a repentant magistrate, shows that we are in a regime” – Libero Quotidiano


Lecture and controversy signed Augusto Minzolini on Twitter. Lecture on the Italian judiciary and controversy with Corradino Mineo. To open the dances is precisely Minzo, who writes: “The silence with which the vast majority of newspapers pretend nothing happens before the announcement of an ex-president of the magistrates association to speak on the sentence Silvio Berlusconi shows one thing: we are in a regime. And then they are surprised if the newspapers are no longer sold. “Minzolini ‘s reference is to the latest statements by Luca Palamara.

How they kill their enemies. Crosetto, the Cav and the truth about the magistrates who few have the courage to say

Here is where Mineo enters: “Augusto, try to replace the formula former president of the magistrates association with the name Palamara and you will hear a jarring note in the tweet. I know that justice has sometimes been unjust, but it is wrong to make it an obsession “, he philosophizes, de-listing de facto Palamara’s announcements. repentance statements e if I find a repentant magistrate as for how justice is administered in Italy, I am not silent but if anything I listen. With interest “, he concludes.

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