Because of the corona: this is the amount that Eyal Golan transferred to his musicians


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(Photo: Gideon Markowitz / Flash 90)

The music industry in the State of Israel has been shut down for almost half a year, but even though they do not perform, the successful singers Eyal Golan and Omer Adam, decided to provide financial assistance to the people who perform them, in order to overcome the economic crisis.

According to the report on the Mako website, these are considerable sums of money that the two transferred to their people. In the case of Eyal Golan, this is an amount of NIS 10,000 each; NIS 5,000 for this month, and another NIS 5,000 for Rosh Hashanah.

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In a message sent to the WhatsApp group of musicians and backing singers, Golan wrote: “My brothers / family, good morning to all of you. I decided to give each of you money for the month and more money before the holiday so that you can live like this. Hope it helps and makes you happy.”

Golan added: “You will know that it is that I am not with you physically, I am with you at every moment and every thought. I love you and hope that we can return to routine and performances as soon as possible.”

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In addition, Omar Adam, who decided to leave Israel for several months, also transferred several tens of thousands of shekels to the people who work with him in order to help them during the difficult period.

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