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Beauty measures, prejudices and strict guidelines – Miss beauties honestly tell about their daily lives after victory – Entertainment


Miss Helsinki Inna Tähtinen, 21, and Miss Tampere Amanda Teuho, 20, want to dispel the prejudices attached to the masses.

Last year, she was crowned Miss Helsinki Inna Tähtinen and Miss Tampere Amanda Teuhon the missile year became quite different than they expected when all the planned work patterns from filming to promotional tours were canceled.

– It was a hard hit. However, one day I decided to stop worrying about it, and now I am positive that I still have a whole year left when the new Miss Helsinki will not be crowned this year, Inna Tähtinen describes.

Amanda Teuho, 20, was also initially disappointed.

– The cancellation of events and trips was annoying, but with the help of the Games I gained more visibility, Teuho commented.

Miss Helsinki Inna Tähtinen (left) and Miss Tampere Amanda Teuho (right)

The number of followers increased with pace, but at the same time the responsibility increased. Tähtinen and Teuho say they are considering carefully what they publish in Some, where they have very young followers.

– If I go out to play, I do not want to update the content, which I’m drunk, Tähtinen says firmly.

– I will not take a position on the most serious issues. I find it pointless because people have such different opinions that whatever they say can become a saying, Teuho says.

“I feel beautiful”

According to 21-year-old Tähtinen, the miss competition changed his life in many ways. Even so, she feels participating in a beauty contest is one of the best decisions of her life.

– I grew mentally more than I could have imagined, Tähtinen describes.

He had divorced from a long relationship just before the Games and moved into his own apartment.

– Before leaving for the race, I didn’t really know what to do with my life, but after that I felt that I had found my own direction. I also became much more confident. If someone takes a video these days that I think I think is unrepresentative, I don’t care anymore.

Inna Tähtinen was crowned Miss Helsinki in October 2019. Inna burst into tears on stage as soon as her name was announced to the winner.

Tähtinen says he enjoys being present, but when he is younger he suffers from appearance pressures and low self-esteem.

– When I was younger, I was so insecure that I hid myself behind a group of friends or a hobby, for example. I was afraid to be myself.

Now he poses for the camera confidently and enjoys filming. The change also took place inside the head: he says he believes in himself and wants to inspire others to accept himself as it is. Tähtinen hopes that women will also value each other more.

– Today I feel beautiful, and it’s not self-love. Everyone should feel that way, he emphasizes.

Tähtinen also thinks it is good to talk about beauty measures openly.

– I’ve decided to talk openly about the fact that I have fulfilled my lips. I feel a responsibility to tell you not to add appearance pressure, especially to my young followers. If someone admires my lips, I can say they weren’t like that by nature, he emphasizes.

Breaking prejudices

For Teuho, beauty contests were already familiar before the title of Miss Tampere. She has previously been crowned Miss Nokia, Miss Ylöjärvi and Lace Miss. In addition, she has competed in the Miss MP competition and the Miss Finland semi-final.

In January, Teuho competed in the international Miss Intercontinental competition in the Philippines. She plans to participate in the Miss Finland competition again.

Amanda Teuho in the Miss Tampere final in October 2019.

Teuho has been dreaming of participating in beauty contests since she was a little girl. He is frustrated by the prejudices about superficiality associated with misses.

– I want to show that misses are not only based on superficiality, but they also emphasize a lot of personality and inner beauty, Teuho describes.

He has had to prove to strangers that it’s not just about looks.

– Really many people have found out that I am a really nice and approachable guy, Smiles from Tampere smiles.

Tähtinen also regrets the focus on appearance associated with the masses.

– I have received positive feedback from the fact that I have violated the typical stereotypes. I will come landelta and I am very down to earth type, originating from Hyvinkää Tähtinen says.

Sizzle on the front line

In addition to the title of Miss Tampere, Teuho is now both a student and an entrepreneur. When Korona struck, Teuho, who worked in the Event Industry, stopped working on the wall because of Korona. He did not remain inactive, but decided to set up a café company in Tampere with his friend.

– Even if I leave, I’m almost always hanging out and watching the café that everything is going well, passionate about the entrepreneurial disposition Teuho smiles.

Teuho’s message box, which thrives as a single, has dating requests, even so much that he doesn’t dare quote everyone. Missikaunotar says she is open to a serious relationship.

– The partner must be open and one who understands my own strange throws and humor. Dating should be fun and casual, he describes.

Amanda Teuho is studying entrepreneurship and team management at the Proakatemia of Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

Correspondingly, Tähtinen recently started as Marketing Manager at Mecco. He has been stuck with a new job.

– I’m pretty girly, so what better place to be for work or business dress. There are also always good-natured customers there when people come shopping for a dress for a party, he sums up.

Inna Tähtinen wants to encourage others to love themselves as they are.

With publicity, Tähtinen has also become accustomed to the fact that his message box is filled with a variety of contacts. He politely refuses dating requests.

– I have received long messages to my email from men with a job application is described for oneself. Time has already been spent on them.

Of his relationship, the Star remains mysterious. He has been associated with his favorite tabloid, Bohemian To Max Blomfelt. Can we already talk as a couple?

– I don’t deny it. Let’s just say we know each other pretty well, which means it’s very possible, Star laughs.

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