Beaches, nightlife, events: how we will live from 14 July


Prolonged state of emergency until December 31 or not? The controversy over the action of the Conte executive (which has already partially denied having talked about the extension until the end of the year) does not subside, while it is necessary to understand much earlier how citizens will have to behave when the provisions issued and applied so far expire. What will happen, therefore, from July 14 in Italy? Waiting to learn more from the Minister of Health, Speranza, and the resolution of the Council of Ministers fundamental for the extension until the end of December of the restrictions, here is the anticipation of the new rules that the government is perfecting in these hours.

Masks yes or no

In a very short time: yes. In particular when social distancing cannot be guaranteed (at least 1 meter of space between people). No to gloves, as the WHO has clarified late, they can spread the virus. In public places it will be necessary to leave their personal details which the operator will have to keep for two weeks. The sanitization of rooms and objects remains, the use of thermal scanners in shopping centers, offices and museums and the provision of disinfectant dispensers.

Flights blocked

The government has extended the ban on entry to those from different countries and extended the stop to those who use itineraries in triangulation with other countries. Therefore, nothing comes from Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Oman, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Moldova, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

Discos, festivals and fairs

The orientation to keep discos closed at least until the end of July seems to prevail. The regions that will force the reopening will do so on their direct responsibility. It will therefore be the individual governors, indices of contagion in hand, to decide whether to go on the track or not. The point on the free reopening of festivals and fairs is also controversial. The opinion of the Scientific Technical Committee is awaited, certainly even if they reopen the controls they will become more stringent.

Nightlife clubs and beaches

The gathering ban remains in force, and although the virus has lost some of its strength, social distancing remains the best possible measure in the face of the restart of the infections. Ergo, pending a circular of the Interior Ministry, more stringent controls are already announced on the nightlife places and on the bathing establishments. There is a risk of high fines, and in the most serious cases, closure.

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