Beaches and pools will open, controversy over restaurants


The discussion in the committee (Photo: Adina Wallman / Knesset Spokeswoman)

The government accepted the outline proposed by the Corona Committee, according to which: swimming pools and beaches will be excluded from the government order and will open this weekend in accordance with the position presented by coalition chairman Mickey Zohar. During the evening the government will bring a new order on restaurants.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Yizhar Shai, was sent to persuade the Knesset members, warning them that “according to the health system, the reality of 750 critically ill patients will lead to collapse. Therefore, all the reliefs are provided we do not reach it. It is important to remember.” “The government’s decisions are intended to reduce the number of these serious patients – in a month from now.”

Corona Committee Chairman Yifat Shasha-Bitton clarified: “We are still in dialogue with the government. We will not vote on what has not yet been agreed. “

The remaining disputes between the government and the Knesset:

As for the restaurants, the government demands that these operate only in open space outside, while the MKs want to increase the occupancy inside to 35%. The MKs’ demand to open the attractions, museums and zoos will also be put to the vote later this week. Whereas following the controversy over the gyms the vote was postponed to Wednesday.

Shasha Bitton greeted: “The decision not to close the public pools and beaches is right and justified. We all work together to fight the virus. For all of us, business, mental and physical health are extremely important. The beaches and swimming in the pool provide positive and vital values.”

Open beaches, pools and outdoor restaurants, close gyms

Zohar announced that the government is in favor of opening the beaches, pools and restaurants in open space: “About 80% of restaurants can open this way, we will allow restaurants to be opened in open areas only, and restaurateurs can live with them despite the difficulty. We can be sure where they were tested. “

On gym activities: “By their very nature they are a danger of infection. We will examine new methods and conditions for opening gyms.”

(Credit: Knesset Channel)

In such a case where the restrictions are not fully approved, the Likud’s threat to oust committee chairman Yifat Shasha Bitton, who stated herself that “it is not certain that the restrictions are the right solution at this time,” and that she is “willing to pay the price”, will probably be realized.

When the threat of dismissal came up last week, they announced in blue and white that they would not give it a hand, following which Coalition chairman Mickey Zohar withdrew from the move and contented himself with Shasha Bitton being suspended from her position for a while.

At the end of a five-hour debate, last night Knesset members submitted a document of demands to the government with the changes for them. Among other things: to allow a beach on the weekend – in order to allow the crowds that go out in any case while in the pools – to allow opening on weekends as well. In addition, gyms – consider leaving the gyms open including the studio. In order for the ministers to be convinced, the committee proposed changing the ratio of trainees from 1 to 10 meters instead of 1 to 7 as is the case today and finding a way to exclude them.

“It is not certain that the restrictions are the right solution,” Yifat Shasha Bitton in the Corona Committee (Credit: Knesset Channel)

In restaurants, it is possible to have a “purple character” layout outside, and in addition to the other 35% occupancy inside – as is customary in hotels and workplaces to allow 35% occupancy in the dining rooms, dining rooms in factories will be similar to dining rooms in hotels

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