Bayern Munich: Serge Gnabry set up Marseille 0-1 in preparation for Chelsea


A week before they face Chelsea in the Champions League quarter-final rematch, Bayern Munich tonight (Friday) made their general comeback in a friendly against Marseille, which they won 0-1 from a goal by Serge Gnabry, who went on to the best of the German Cup final. Beyond the victory, the encouraging news for the German champions was the return of Nicklas Zola, who came off the bench in the 61st minute and made his first appearance in 285 days, after a serious injury has sidelined him since the eighth round of the Bundesliga.

In the shadow of rumors about Thiago Alcantara’s move to Liverpool, the Spanish midfielder started in the team of Enzy Flick and also Filipe Coutinho, who will leave the team at the end of the season and be loaned out again from Barcelona, ​​got 46 minutes in the game and was close to scoring. The winning goal was scored in the 19th minute, when Gnabry burst onto the field and overcame two guards before subduing Steve Mandanda.

For the French, who in three weeks’ time will line up for the opening round of the league in which they will face Saint-Etienne, the Argentine Leonardo Balardi has made his first appearance since joining on loan from Borussia Dortmund. Despite the offensive line-up put up by Andre Villas-Boas, which included Dimitri Fayette, Dario Benedetto and Florian Thouban, the front-line trio failed to subdue the Bavarian defense.


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