Battisti and the policeman Salvini


Cesare Battisti, the former “red” terrorist, in prison after a long absence between Parisian porters, Mexico and Brazil, now complains, down there in his cell, about the need for adequate food for his state of health. Very human request. Own of a rule of law, which is – hopefully – ours. Silly to reiterate that the penalty cannot correspond to the grin of revenge outside the peephole. Evidently, despite the transit of Beccaria in the history of our right, not all of them have acquired the data of dignity.

Matteo Salvini, for example, for the occasion shows the clothes of the complement warden. Above all, the doubt that he does so to give satisfaction to the subculture – intact as a good refuge in the beautiful instinct of many of our neighbors, sometimes even brothers-in-law – but yes, we also say “fascist”. With those who are not used to subtlety, it is useless to resort to nuances.

“Poor food, too many fried and fatty. I have hepatitis and a prostatitis, ”so it seems that Battisti, currently in Massama prison, in Sardinia, where he is serving two life sentences for murders and robberies committed during the years of militancy among the Proletarians armed for communism, has complained. In fact, unlike other prisoners, he cannot buy food and even less cook it in his cell, as he is subjected to a particular regime in a maximum security prison, where he has been locked up since January 2019.

Behind him, we summarize, an almost forty-year hiding, the escape from the prison of Frosinone, then France, Mexico, a status of “political refugee”, writer of “noir”, the solidarity of many international intellectual classes, finally, in 2018, the capture and in a short time the extradition to Italy.

In short, the question of denied food would depend on one detail: the level of “high surveillance” to which man is subjected. His defender explains that “he should have stayed there for six months, until July of last year. Instead, this detention regime has inexplicably prolonged and continues even now, despite not being supported by any ruling or legal provision. ”

The bureaucratic machine also jams in front of the cells, a well-known story.

Battisti’s words on the inadequacy of food, meanwhile, have delivered solid black fuel to both the League and to the Brothers of Italy, the right facing each other and playing to show themselves worse than the other. So Salvini: “Shut up and fast, communist assassin”. Sentence that seems to correspond to the inscriptions from security chambers with a barracks table, that is that “mutism and resignation” typical of the day’s corporals. And we, think a little, already thought he was Captain!

Giorgia Meloni, descending into the bottom of the barrel of a predictable no less “fascist” lexicon, confirms: “He was used to caviar … The life of the murderers who pay for their crimes is hard”. Implicit invisible emoticons accompany the sentence by raising a middle finger now a grin-smiley face.

Fierce language, all true. Nevertheless, returning to the Northern League, objectively caricatured, Salvini, in this sad case, seems to see him in the role of the one-eyed and clothed jailer who appears in the secret hours of “The Treasure Island” now of “The Count of Montecristo”, perfect cast of the demagogic mask that the right hands offer to the inevitable plebeian re-feeling.

Tragically, in the presence of such a degraded language, even the “forced” Cesare Battisti takes on an ethical depth, seems to be gigantic.

Mind you, personally, in unsuspected times, I wrote very hard words on the then fugitive Battisti, focusing on his overbearing arrogance, on the stretch, in fact, as a “forced”, on his face. Conquering insults and even threats from a segment of the world that still believes that the so-called “armed party” had palingenetic reasons to try and maybe make it. Ah, if only we had managed to take power …, so it was possible to read in the comments, between the lines. I have collected the insults of the former brigatists and their grandchildren who still now think of their uncles and aunts already armed with the deference that must be recognized to the titans. Guilty of insulting “Cesare”. I forgot: I found appreciable the civil ways of our policemen who escorted Battisti from Bolsonaro’s Brazil to Ciampino, with Salvini, then Minister of the Interior, showing himself bloated, the police windbreaker on him, next to the “prey” now in the lot.

In recent months, however, I have repeatedly thought of the former terrorist-writer Cesare Battisti with the eyes of compassion, even in spite of his past arrogance and the obtuse ex officio defense of his “friends” and “companions”. The skin of the defeated bear, now nailed to the wall like a trophy, deserves respect, much less the words from the heavy police of Salvini and Meloni.

It is terrible to be condemned to show oneself, but what I say, to be better than those who would like to govern us by foaming studied livor.

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