Bas Paternotte – It is a good thing that Pieter Omtzigt and Renske Leijten were not on the beach today


‘The Tax and Customs Administration continues to ruin lives, Pieter Omtzigt on the case’ – we headed Wednesday morning. Again, something turned out to be wrong with the ever-festering file of the childcare allowance. What would be the case. Parents who received childcare allowance in 2019 received a letter from the Tax Authorities at the beginning of this month stating that they have two weeks to demonstrate that they not have cheated.

Right, that smells like the upside-down world. Because it gives the impression that the applicant is apparently wrong and has to prove his innocence himself. And that within two weeks, hop-hop and fast! In the summer period, it is not to be hoped that you, as an allowance holder, were on holiday for two weeks.

For a change, the Tax and Customs Administration – which in this case falls under D66 ministeress Alexandra van Huffelen – responded quickly. The WE shortly after Omtzigt’s tweets,

β€œThe Tax and Customs Administration says in a response that people need not fear that their childcare allowance will be stopped immediately if they are late. They are given a reminder and extra time. The agency acknowledges that the letters were sent at an unfortunate time this year. That would be related to coronavirus dysregulation. ”

Neatly resolved, right? A government full of compassion that takes a cry for help from a people’s representative within a few hours and acts on it! Well no so.

Because where points Omtzigt’s partner in justice Renske Leijten from the SP on? That two-week term has nothing to do with the corona crisis, previously the tax authorities already put the same knife to the throat. Watch:

Au. The fine words of the Tax and Customs Administration to the NOS are therefore hollow. And there is the problem.

Because what if Omtzigt and Leijten had been on the beach, so to speak, due to recess, off the phone, enjoying a well-deserved holiday? What if these people’s representatives had not sounded the alarm, would these citizens have ended up in a Kafkaesque nightmare just like their predecessors? Of course, Omtzigt and Leijten undoubtedly would have picked up this issue again in September as they have been doing for a long time. But that is not the problem. Or yes.

The issue is that the tax authorities clearly still don’t have one failsafe has a dead man’s switch. The House of Representatives checks, yes. But this allowance affair has been going on for some time now. And yet the Tax and Customs Administration still has its own affairs out of order. That means the system is still broken. The Tax and Customs Administration is therefore still unable to tackle this type of excess itself. And that is the real problem.

Even today, the Tax and Customs Administration is still unable to correct itself. And that should be the case, it is not Omtzigt and Leijten, they have pointed it out often enough.

But despite previous derailments, the blue train just keeps on thundering.

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