Barry Atsma: ‘Hard male sex from Brokeback Mountain, very exciting’ | Entertainment


It’s his favorite sex scene, he tells the magazine. “My favorite sex scene is the very hard male sex Brokeback Mountain. Very exciting, in a way. I am one of the women, but I thought it was a rare success. ”

He also assesses other films and programs in the interview. He thinks the film Dunkirk, which received quite a lot of praise at the time, is the most overrated film. “I think that is clumsy film. Does not do justice to history. Not played well. But I also have real problems with Hans Zimmer, the composer. At Interstellar I already had a big problem with the music of that Zimmer, but he was unable to screw up that phenomenal film. He succeeded with Dunkirk. ”

His favorite love scene is shown in the Titanic, Atsma thinks Brad Pitt is ‘f * cking fantastic’ and – besides his own wife Noortje Herlaar – Georgina Verbaan is his favorite Dutch actress. “She is a very smart, funny actress.” According to Barry Atsma, she is undervalued. “Which is completely unjustified, because she is extremely talented. Very few people know how to interweave drama and comedy so beautifully. ”

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