Barkley Against Antisemitic Wave: What Are You Doing?


Former NBA basketball player and current commentator Charles Barkley has joined Karim Abdul Jaber and sharply attacked all the antisemitic remarks made by a number of black athletes and entertainment stars in the United States in recent weeks.

“Listen, Dashon Jackson, Stephen Jackson, Nick Cannon and Ace Cube. What the hell are you doing? You’re asking for justice, but I do not see how harming another minority will help promote it,” Barkley said in a statement. Opinion in recent protests in the country.

“The only person who came out against this phenomenon was Karim. We can not let black people behave in this way, and be judgmental while we seek equality of opportunity. I am disappointed with these statements.

“How can hatred be defeated through hatred? I just do not understand it. I have no intention of accepting this and I ask all those famous guys to use wisely the media exposure they get. We just have to be better. ”

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