Barcelonians called to stay at home to avoid a new compulsory confinement


This recommendation from the Catalan regional government follows an increase in Covid-19 cases in recent days.

“Stay at home”. Nearly 4 million inhabitants of the agglomeration of Barcelona were called Friday July 17 to “stay home” to slow the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic and try to avoid a new compulsory containment. The second Spanish city, very popular with international tourists, has been facing a surge of Covid-19 cases for a few days.

As a result, its inhabitants and those of several suburban municipalities “must stay at home as soon as it is not essential for them to leave”, Catalan regional government spokesperson Meritxell Budo asked to the press.

Although this is only a recommendation, since the regional government does not have the power to restrict mobility as drastically, it is “the last chance” to avoid tougher measures, warned Meritxell Budo.

“We must go back so as not to have to return to complete containment of the population in the coming weeks” and it needs “act with speed and determination to prevent us from finding ourselves in the same situation as in March”, she said, also asking the people of Barcelona not to go to their second homes this weekend.

Spain, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic with more than 28,400 dead, had imposed in mid-March one of the hardest confinements in the world.

Beyond this call to leave as little as possible, the regional government has announced other restrictions such as the closing of cinemas, theaters or nightclubs, the prohibition of meetings of more than ten people and visits to retirement homes, or limiting the reception capacity to 50% in bars and restaurants. Non-essential businesses must also receive their customers by appointment.

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