Banned in Iran because of “Tehran”, in love with Israel thanks to Niv Sultan


There are roles that come alongside sacrifice, but it is rare to come across a role that burns an actor’s chances of ever returning to his homeland. When the Iranian Rabin Allenby first read the script for “Tehran” – he immediately realized that the right moment had come.

“I thought that maybe in my 30s I would get a project because of which I would not be able to return to Iran, but in the end it fell on me at a much earlier age,” he reveals. And so the 25-year-old actor found himself banned from his country of origin but at the same time becomes a revered star in Israel. In the series airing here 11, Allenby plays Milad Kahani (“Sick Boy”), a Tehran student who is swept away after Mossad agent Tamar Rabinian (Niv Sultan) into a whirlpool of chaos, espionage and romance.

He and his family left Iran in 2007 and emigrated to London. “I had no idea I would not step there anymore,” he recalled longingly on his last visit to the homeland, in 2012.

In an interview to be published tomorrow (Friday) in the “Shishvat” supplement, Allenby talks about his life as an immigrant, about cultural differences, about longing for Iran and falling in love with Israel.

On his TV favorite, Niv Sultan, he has only warm words to scatter: “I really miss her. I keep telling her: ‘You’re my favorite actress in the world right now.'”

He reports a large amount of support messages he receives from Israel. “People invite me to meals, and I look forward to fulfilling all these orders. I want to taste Israeli food and see your country.”

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