Bad weather, Northern Italy targeted by storms, hail and wind over 100km / h: torn roofs, demolished trees, flooding from Lombardy to Friuli Venezia Giulia [FOTO e VIDEO]


It is a strong Saturday bad weather al Northern Italy, targeted by storms, violent hailstorms e strong winds, which they provoked damage e hardships. Violent storms have particularly affected the Lombardy northern, the Veneto, the Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Trentino Alto Adige and theEastern Emilia Romagna. Frightening Shelf Cloud loomed in the sky from Lombardy to Emilia Romagna, heralding the extreme weather events that would hit the territories.

Among today’s most significant rain gauge data, we highlight: 66mm in Fusine Alpe del Lago, 63mm to Trescore Balneario, 57,7mm to Como, 54.6mm in Tremosine sul Garda, 53.3mm in Trambileno, 52,4mm a Vallarsa, 51mm a Bressanone, 50.6mm a Chiout, 50,2mm in Ala, 50mm in Conselice, Malborghetto, Cenata Sopra, 49.6mm in Rovereto, 49,4mm a Nago-Torbole, 47mm a Ferrara, 46,7mm a S. Bartolomeo in Bosco, 46,5mm in Costa Volpino, 44.6mm a Terragnolo, 44,5mm in Vigano San Martino, 42,2mm a Seriate, 40,5mm in Argenta.

Devastating hail they hit the Lombardy, between Bresciano and Mantovano. This afternoon, in the Upper Mantovano, the hail fell for twenty minutes, accompanied by a strong wind. The municipalities of Solferino, Castiglione delle Stiviere, Cavriana and, to a lesser extent, Monzambano were affected, causing serious damage to vineyards and crops at mais.

In the afternoon a strong storm hit Bresciano: rain, hail and gusts of wind up to 130km / h. several flooding, damage to roofs and windows and many fallen trees. Our Civil Protection is monitoring the situation by intervening promptly where necessary“. The president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana made this known via Facebook.

Huge damage even inMilanese neighborhood, where the firefighters have been working for hours for numerous interventions due to felled trees, flooding of streets and roofs of houses torn apart in particular in Inzago, Basiano, Pozzo d’Adda and Cambiago. At the moment they are not injured.

A real river of water poured, however, on the provincial road between San Paolo d’Argon and Albano Sant’Alessandro, in the province of Bergamo, during the storm that struck this afternoon on the Bergamo area. The water brought with it debris and mud, which caused the road to close in both directions due to the landslide. Flooding also on the former provincial, always in the same area.

A strong wind has whipped our northern regions, cutting down trees, signs and raising some roofs. Many trees felled in the Vicentino. From 17.30 this afternoon the firefighters are engaged in various rescue interventions due to the weather conditions in the Bolognese. More than ten interventions in less than an hour for unsafe or felled trees on the roads and on some cars (as in Osteria Grande). Firefighters at work in Sala Bolognese, Osteria Grande and Varignana-Castel San Pietro Terme, in Ozzano on the SS9 and in Molino del Grillo. On the spot also the police in support. Calls for wind-blown trees and dangerous plants continue to arrive. Last: in Castel San Pietro, in Montecalderaro, two large fallen trees obstruct the passage on the public road. At around 7 pm the call to 115. On the SS9, via San Giorgio, Castel San Pietro Terme, the wind has also torn a traffic light. Firefighters are intervening. At the moment, however, an intervention is underway in the Castel San Pietro area, in via del Conventino, for trees that have fallen on electrical cables.

In the sliding gallery at the top and in the following videos, the images of bad weather that hit Northern Italy today.

Bad weather in Lombardy, devastating hailstorm in Gorla Minore, in the Varese area [VIDEO]

Bad weather Lombardy, violent storm in Brescia [VIDEO]

Bad weather Veneto, violent downburst in San Bonifacio cuts down the trees [VIDEO]

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