Bad relationships, only indifference from him


He has avoided talking about for years Pietro Taricone, remained in respectful silence after the incident in which the Warrior of the first edition of the Big Brother he lost his life. But today Cristina Plevani she admits that the relationship that in the house had linked her to the young and unforgettable Caserta would never have reflected the very romantic moments that they lived under the watchful eye of the cameras. “Bad relationships”, Confessed in an interview with the weekly DiPiù in the period in which the tenth anniversary of his death falls.

Pietro Taricone’s indifference after Big Brother

Cristina left the house still very involved with Pietro. Theirs was a very fast story, consumed in the first makeshift “hut” that the walls of the Casa del GF have ever seen. Then the passion died away and with it Taricone’s interest in Iseo’s lifeguard. Pietro began to court Marina La Rosa, another roommate who years later would become her great friend, the only one to attend her funeral. For Cristina, however, there would never have been space, despite her feelings. “Pietro was the dominant male. It conveyed serenity and security while I, unfortunately, was fragile as a crystal. Things didn’t work out between us. I thought we could at least remain friends after the program ended. But no. After his release I collected only indifference”, Says Plevani today, returning to the frenetic first years after the reality show.

Cristina Plevani did not attend Pietro Taricone’s funeral

Finally, Cristina confirms what has already been told by Lorenzo Battistello in the interview with only Marina attended Pietro’s funeral. “I smile when I read the words of my ex roommates who remember him. You can talk about Pietro Marina La Rosa because she is the only one who, ten years ago, was able to go to the funeral. Living in Rome, I believe she was the only one to have a close, friendly relationship with Taricone”, Admits Plevani, who had never wanted to talk about Pietro until today.

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