Back in class, in Rome the respect of the anti-contagion rules will influence the conduct vote


Anti-coronavirus rules will affect the conduct vote. The PNA is ready to send a letter to all managers on how to deal with the new year and proposes to insert compliance with the anti-contagion rules on conduct voting.

Starting in September, you will risk it a low mark in conduct if the mask is not used and the distances are not respected. The anti-coronavirus rules therefore end up on the report card.

“Student behavior – explains to Il Messaggero Mario Rusconi – it is one of the pillars on which the conduct vote is based ”.

Return to class: masks, distancing and school doctor. The CTS replies. DOWNLOAD PDF

Therefore the next school year the responsibility and sense of discipline of the children will also be measured on the basis of compliance with the rules.


Principles of the attack: “Respect for the anti-Covid rules will affect the vote of conduct. Those who transgress will have a negative evaluation”. Do you agree?

Posted by Orizzonte Scuola on Saturday, July 11, 2020

Also for distance learning, a code of conduct will be provided which will influence the report card: “Delays will count if they are not justified clarifications, but also the minutes in which the monitor is darkened, in short, if the video camera is off, a mode that does not allow to understand if the student is actually connected and is following the lesson. There are also those who follow the lessons in their pajamas, it is not decent ”.

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