“Babylon Orchestra”, a new world music


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                They invent new world music.  The Babylon Orchestra, founded in 2016 in Berlin, in response to the migration crisis, brings together twenty professional musicians from ten countries in the Middle East and Europe.  Their first album has just been released under the Sungroove label. 

                                    <p>They come from Syria, Serbia and Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Australia and share their culture and know-how with European musicians.  Sofia Surgutschowa, of German-Russian origin, is the instigator of the project.  

The urban sounds of Berlin

« It was in the midst of a migration crisis that this orchestra was founded, me and Mischa Tangion, violinist and composer of Russian origin. So we may have created a new style : a kind of fusion between oriental music and jazz, mixed with the urban sounds of the city of Berlin. »

Babylon Orchestra offers a dialogue between East and West, between oud and guitar, between flute and the oriental oblique flute ney. Twelve catchy and melancholic titles reflecting both the stories and the hopes of the artists, who became both authors and composers of the album.

An eternal back and forth of styles and cultures

« The title Nour from our Kurdish singer Hani Mojtahedi, it’s a song about poetry from an Iranian woman, explains Sofia Surgutschowa. An inner journey of a woman who suffered enormously and this is one of the key titles of our CD. »

Others make us travel between Rome, Marrakech and Jerusalem in an eternal back and forth of styles and cultures across borders.


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