Azzolina in the Senate: the school has responded strongly and cohesively, but there are over ten-year problems [VIDEO]


The Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina, speaks to the Senate Education Commission regarding the initiatives falling under her department’s responsibility and the start of the next school year.

There Minister of Education intervenes in the Senate on ministerial activity: from the management of the coronavirus emergency to the measures for the start of the next school year.


“We immediately took action to deal with the coronavirus emergency with the creation of dedicated pages on our corporate website. Not only that: concrete actions have been carried out by all the players operating in the sector. The school had a strong and cohesive response, but at the same time the emergency caused decades of emergency “.

DIGITAL SCHOOL – “We want to digitize the school and do it quickly. We have allocated over 400 million euros, increasing them from the initial 200, to enhance the connectivity of schools by bringing them to institutions. The goal is to quickly guarantee a fast connection (1 Gbit speed with 100 Mbits guaranteed bandwidth) to 81.4% of school buildings, those of the first and second cycle, for a total of 32,213 buildings. Vouchers for families are also provided: up to € 500, based on ISEE, for fast connections, PCs and tablets

PSYCHOLOGICAL SUPPORT“In order to cope with the health emergency, the school has activated specific assistance interventions which have been carried out in daily relations with all schools and families through concrete actions, among which it seems important to me to mention the psychological support actions addressed to students, teachers and families, to overcome the difficulties that occurred with the emergence of the emergency “.

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