Ayhan breaks Ceycey’s heart


Let’s discover the Turkish Advances of Daydreamer the wings of the dream. In episodes arriving in Italy Ayhan breaks Ceycey’s heart.

Another love story has already started to thrill us in the episodes of Daydreamer the wings of the dream. The Turkish advances they reveal new developments for the couple formed by Ayhan e Ceycey but the spoiler they don’t expect anything good. in episodes of the soap arriving in Italy in fact, we will see that the witty friend of Sanem it will break the heart of the friendly Fikri employee, revealing that he is not in love with him. But let’s see what will happen.

Ceycey in love with Ayhan in Daydreamer – the wings of the dream

It is now clear and clear to any soap character, who Ceycey yes it is in love with Ayhan. The boy is doing everything to win the weird friend of Sanem but she doesn’t seem to notice her romantic attempts. Sanem tries to help Ceycey in what seems like a really titanic feat and it seems that in the end his advice helps his friend to hit the target.

Daydreamer Turkish Anticipations: Ceycey confesses his love to Ayhan

The Turkish advances of Daydreamer reveal that after helping to shoot the commercial for organic products, Ceycey will find the courage to confess to Ayhan his feelings. Taking advantage of a moment spent alone, the boy will declare that he has fallen in love with her and wants to be her boyfriend. Ayhan will react in a very strange way. Initially, in fact, she will not know what to say and will reveal to her lover that she has never been engaged and that she has no idea what love means. But then, also taking a deep breath, she will tell him she wants to try this new experience.

Turkish Advances Daydreamer: Ayhan breaks Ceycey’s heart

Unfortunately, however, as soon as she got home, Ayhan will begin to be very afraid of what has just happened. Completely inexperienced about love, she won’t feel ready to start a relationship with Ceycey. He will then run to inform him not to match his feelings, breaking – obviously the boy’s heart. Visibly proven Ceycey will quickly move away from her.

Daydreamer, here’s what we will see soon in Italy

The reaction of Ceycey will make your heart beat faster Ayhan, who will understand that he made a mistake. But the boy, very wounded, seems not to want to know anything more about her. The Turkish advances of Daydreamer they reveal that Ayhan will not throw in the towel and determined to win him back, she will try to make him jealous by showing up with another man. But will this strategy work or will it infuriate Sanem’s bizarre colleague even more? We’ll see!

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Daydreamer – The wings of the dream airs every day from Monday to Friday all 14.45

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