Avengers directors enlist dream team for most expensive Netlflix movie ever


Recently, Netflix revealed its top 10 best-watched movies ever. It was especially noticeable that blockbusters with big names manage to score in the leading roles. Does The Gray Man do the same?

A new mega project from the streaming service follows exactly that recipe. Netflix has announced its most expensive movie ever: called a spy thriller The Grey Man, with a budget of no less than $ 200 million.

Netflix en The Grey Man

The film is based on the The Gray Manbooks by Mark Greaney. Those books are about Court Gentry, a hit man and former CIA agent.

Ryan Gosling assumes that role, opposite Chris Evans as a CIA agent ordered to deal with him.

Netflix also goes for big names when it comes to the directors behind this project. The Grey Man is in fact directed by none other than Joe and Anthony Russo, the directors behind, among others Avengers: Endgame.

Franchises sought

That is the most lucrative film ever. Netflix hopes with The Grey Man build a new franchise. The James Bond from Netflix. The book series consists of more than ten books, so there is enough source material for a long-running film series.

“The idea is that the film can compete with any cinema blockbuster. Working with Gosling and Evans is like a dream for us. The idea is to create a franchise and build an entire universe, with Ryan at the center. We’ve all signed for the first movie, and it has to be really great to lead us into the second movie, ”Joe Russo told Deadline.

So the bar is set high. Very high. The new movie is part of Netflix’s bigger ambitions to create the type of big-budget franchises like Marvel’s superhero movies or Universal’s Fast and Furiousfilms that have come to dominate cinemas in recent years.

Co-CEO Reed Hastings recently said to investors that Netflix is ​​“absolutely focused on creating franchises”. Scoring The Old Guard is certainly a good start.

No release date for The Gray Man has been announced yet. We do know that production will start sometime early next year.


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Avengers directors hire dream team for most expensive Netflix movie

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