Autostrade’s board of directors puts nearly 11 billion on the government plate: 3.4 in compensation and 7 in investment – La Stampa


Autostrade’s board of directors has ended, and immediately the company has sent a new agreement proposal to the government. According to ANSA, the Board approved a new proposal aimed at a positive definition of the dispute procedure underway on the motorway concessions node.

Ponte Morandi, Conte: “Dossier on motorways to be closed by the weekend”

The issues are two. The first, more strictly technical, concerns the concession itself (tariff system, maintenance and investments). The second, on the other hand, is governance, ie what the new corporate structure of Autostrade per l’Italia should be. On the first point, the government wants a tariff cut of at least 5%, greater controls on the network, an acceleration on investments. All for an amount of approximately 3.4 billion (Aspi had offered 2.8 billion at the beginning of June) to add to the 7.5 billion of investments in the plan presented by Tomasi in January. Then there is the issue of governance.

Ponte Genova: Toninelli: “P revochi concession to Benetton and Salvini taccia, in the government Conte 1 opposed revocation”

The government asks the Benettons to take a step back on the control of the company (today Atlantia has 88% of Autostrade). It seems that the holding company is willing to drop below 50% (30%), no longer through a tout court transfer but with a capital increase of around 3 billion euros to get the “new” shareholders Autostrade, Cdp, F2i, Poste Vita and some social security funds.

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