Autostrade, the Benettons reply to Conte: “Always respected institutions”. Renzi against revocation: “Solution is Cdp”. The title loses 15%


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Autostrade’s latest offer to avoid revocation is again inadmissible. The announcement of Giuseppe Conte in the interview with the director of Daily fact Marco Travaglio opens the political debate on the eve of cabinet in which the issue of the revocation dossier will be resolved. “When I read the proposal I thought of a joke”, explained the premier defining “paradoxical” support between public funds and Benetton in the shareholder base of the dealership after the collapse of the Morandi bridge, which caused 43 victims, and stressing that “I do not sacrifice the public good for their interests. ” A clear stance that provoked the Benettons’ reaction. Through sources close to the Venetian entrepreneurs, the family claims to have “always respected the institutions: when in the past you were asked to join different companies – a reference to investments in Alitalia, Autostrade and other companies in the process of privatization, ed – just like today “.

Among the first to respond to the prime minister’s ultimatum to the family of Ponzano Veneto, with the invitation to sell the shares of reels and not just a dilution of participation, it is Matteo Renzi. “Populists have been asking for the revocation of the concession for two years. Easy to say, difficult to do. Because if you revoke untitled, you give a gift to private, to the Benettons, to the partners and open a billionaire litigation which creates uncertainty, construction site block, layoffs. This is the truth ”, the leader’s position Italia Viva always opposed to the revocation of the concession. The opening to a state entrance and retreat of Atlantia, falling into bag the reopening of the price lists with a thud over 15%, per stand sideways with respect to the positions declaredly in favor of the revocation of the Five Stars, on which a good part of the Democratic Party is also slowly moving.

“The interest of the state lies primarily in the protection of security of citizens and integrity of the public heritage – says the undersecretary of the environment Roberto Morassut – The government will decide in the next few hours putting this interest at the center. Whoever manages an infrastructure and signs a contract with the state must know what this entails charges e honorsotherwise the State can rightly retaliate. ” Appreciation for the solution was also expressed by Leu: “Total support to President Conte in his commitment, well motivated in an interview this morning, to revoke the concession to Aspi, “said the deputy Stefano Fassina.

“To tell the truth, perhaps points are lost surveys, but the new generations are saved from billions of debt, “says the ex-prime minister, suggesting another way, which would remove control from Benetton but would at least partially safeguard the economics interests private individuals: “If the state wants to return to property, the only possibility is an operation on Atlantia with a capital increase and the intervention of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. Transparent transaction, listed company, global industrial project. There are no serious and credible alternatives. The populism shouts slogan, politics offers solutions ”, concludes the ex-advanced premier of the hypothesis of an intervention on the parent company. “We think the revocation is a technically difficult act e risky, with appeals and disputes that citizens will pay. We never defended the Benettons even one day, but we think things need to be clarified in court and not to the populist tribunal ”, reiterates the Ligurian deputy of Iv Raffaella Shirt. “We made an opening on the subject of the eventual capital increase of Atlantia – he adds – How Iv will carry on ours battle. The game is still open. ”

The solution is superimposable to that expressed in an interview with Republic by the CEOs of Atlantia and Aspi, Carlo Bertazzo e Roberto Tomasi. “Atlantia has no intention of leaving Aspi, he acknowledged mistakes and now he wants to have the pride and patience to make up for it, even with other partners “, says Bertazzo rejected the hypothesis of total exit but confirming that the company is willing to go down under 51% of Autostrade. “The new proposal stems from a comparison that lasted almost a year in which we listened with attention needs of the executive – says Tomasi instead – We commit to allocate 3.4 billion divided between reconstruction charges, modular reduction of toll and more maintenance of infrastructures, all of which are our responsibility ”.

But the premier line, married by M5s and accepted by Democratic party it is the hard one after two years of analysis and indirectly supported by the judgment of the Constitutional Court that has defined “Not unreasonable” their exclusion from work for the reconstruction of the collapsed viaduct: “The revocation of the concession, or the exit of the Benetton family from the Autostrade company. For the 5 Star Movement the options are these. I hope they are also for the government “, reiterates the Deputy Minister of Transport, Giancarlo Cancelleri.

Entering the merits of the revocation of the concession, the number 2 of Paola De Micheli underlines: “In the meantime I remember that with the Milleproroghe decree we have reduced the compensation to just the limit investments depreciated. ” They would 7 billion “But the state – he clarifies – would not lose nothing “because” would become the amount that should be paid out new dealer, once the sections managed by Autostrade have been put to tender. A procedure that would not make you lose even a job. ” opposition, Matteo Salvini he asked not to “waste more years” to decide: “Almost two years have passed since the disaster of the Morandi bridge. When we like League we asked the prime minister what he wanted to do he told us he was studying the dossier and waited for a legal opinion – he says – I wonder how long it will take them to decide. If they want to revoke withdraw, if they want to extend extension by. The only thing we can’t do is lose more years. ”

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