Autostrade, “Revocation? Default of 20 billion and 7000 jobs at risk”


Roberto Tomasi, CEO of Autostrade per l ‘Italia

Autostrade, “Revocation? Default of 20 billion and 7000 jobs at risk”

The game between Autostrade and the government is at the final stage. After the ultimatum imposed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on the Benetton family, now is the time for inside or outside. The CEOs of Aspi Roberto Tomasi, and of Atlantia Carlo Bertazzo in a joint interview granted to Repubblica warn about the consequences: “Revocation? Default with the cost of 20 billion and 7000 jobs at risk. The new proposal – explains Tomasi – it stems from a discussion that lasted almost a year in which we listened carefully to the needs of the executive. We are committed to allocating 3.4 billion divided between reconstruction costs, modular reduction of tolls and further maintenance of the infrastructures, all of which are our responsibility ” . Bertazzo echoes it: Atlantia has no intention of leaving Aspi, has recognized the errors and now wants to have the pride and patience to make up for it, even with other partners. As early as February 6th, we opened the possibility of diluting ourselves in favor of third party shareholders, below 51% but at market conditions “.

“If art.35 is applied, from the next day – continues Bertazzo to Repubblica – the 10 billion of Aspi’s debts towards banks and the market default, provided that the State does not want to pay them. Atlantia then has 5 , 5 billion of Aspi guaranteed bonds plus another 5 billion of its debts. Overall, about 20 billion of loans, plus all trade receivables, would default. ” Tomasi: «It is not clear what the country’s interest would be in the event of a revocation. Investments for 7.5 billion already shipbuilding would be thrown away, the new dealer should start from scratch. The 7,000 employees would be at risk and a dispute that would last years would open. Our proposal, on the other hand, is in the interest of the country “.

Highways: sources, from Benetton always respect for authority

“The Benetton family has always respected the authorities, both in the past, when it was urged to invest in various companies, and today”. This is the message that filters from sources close to the Benetton family after the latest position statements on the match relating to Autostrade per l’Italia.

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