Autostrade, Renzi: no to populist slogans. The solution is the intervention of Cdp. But Conte insists with the revocation: “The Benettons make fun of the families of the victims”


“Populists have been asking for the revocation of the concession to Autostrade for two years. Easy to say, difficult to do. Because if you withdraw untitled, you give a gift to private individuals, to the Benettons, to the members and open a billionaire dispute that creates uncertainty, blocking construction sites, layoffs. This is the truth. To tell the truth maybe you lose points in the polls, but you save the new generations from billions of debts. The road is another. If the State wants to return to property, the only possibility is an operation on Atlantia with a capital increase and the intervention of CDP (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti). Transparent operation, listed company, global industrial project. There are no serious and credible alternatives. Populism shouts slogans, politics offers solutions ” . The leader of Italy, Matteo Renzi, writes on Facebook.”The Benettons have not yet understood that this government will not accept to sacrifice the public good on the altar of their private interests,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reiterated this morning in an interview with Print. It is on Everyday occurrence he adds: “Aspi’s claim to perpetuate the favor regime in the event of new breaches of the concession obligations is equally unacceptable,” the Benettons do not make fun of the Prime Minister, but the families of the victims of the Morandi bridge and all Italian. ”
Tomorrow the council of ministers will have to decide on the revocation of the Benetton concession.Meanwhile, a thump in the stock market for Atlantia should be recorded, with difficulties in making prices and a subsequent fall of 12% to 11.7 euros.

“It seems to me that the latest proposal filed by Aspi (Autostrade per l’Italia) is an undoubted step forward. If it will be further filed, the government will say by Tuesday. I will limit myself to one observation: the decision must be consistent with the public interest, and not oriented by prejudices in one direction or the other, as I have heard from the 5-star Senator Lezzi. I would like to point out once again that the Democratic Party has not blocked the file and as we have widely seen the government team has not worked to automatically renew the concession to the Benettons, “speculated the leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, Andrea Marcucci in an interview with the national newspaper. “Unfortunately, the dossier of unaddressed things is long – he observed – but above all there is a method that does not convince me. If a problem divides the majority, it is still necessary to face it. Postponing problems does not mean solving them, on the contrary it is often the opposite” .

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