Autostrade in Liguria: «Works on tunnels completed by 15 July»


Checks and works completed by July 15 and next weekend with more fluid traffic: the Minister of Infrastructure Paola De Micheli guaranteed it. Executives of the ministry met today with representatives of Autostrade per l’Italia to plan the control and safety work on the Ligurian tunnels, which has become a national case since for weeks the movements around the Genoa node have been paralyzed by construction sites and closures.

Tunnel tightness tests, which the Ministry of Infrastructure had asked Aspi to complete by 10 July, will continue until 15. “The criteria indicated by the Ministry – says a note – and also validated by universities, ensure a reduction in the number of tunnels on which to intervene immediately with closures. To date, in fact, of the 65 tunnels being tested, 14 require the need for immediate interventions with consequent impact on traffic ». Conclusion: the completion of the works is scheduled for 15 July and “as of next weekend, therefore, greater traffic fluidity should be guaranteed”.

Even yesterday Liguria had a difficult day, although the queues have not reached the record length of the past few weeks. The most critical points, once again, turned out to be those entering and leaving Genoa.

July 12, 2020 (change July 12, 2020 | 20:03)


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