Auto sales, down 23% in June, halved half year


ROME – Sales still in the red for the car market: in June deliveries registered a minus 23.13% compared to the same month in 2019, with 132,457 registrations. A negative number, but in sharp rise compared to the sensational stop of the past months. In any case, there is little to be optimistic because in the half year the market has almost halved, with just 583,960 cars sold, equal to a decrease of 46.09% compared to the same period of last year. In this context, the FCA group reaches a share of 21.9%.All the numbers

However, they achieved a result significantly above the Fiat and Lancia market average. The first with almost 18,600 registrations reaches a share of 14%, up from 13.5% a year ago. Lancia registers 3,500 cars and obtains a share of 2.7%, an increase of 0.2 percentage points compared to June 2019. Also in June, Jeep obtained 4.1% of the share and Alfa Romeo 1.2%. After the months of extraordinary context in which the car market was found to operate due to the coronavirus pandemic, in June the situation struggled to return to normal with a scenario very different from that of last year, so the registrations for the month and the first half of 2020 are still not very comparable with the results of 2019.More generally, only electric and hybrid vehicles show the plus sign in June sales: with an increase in registrations of 51.95% and 82.91% respectively. Plug-ins supported by government incentives are obviously exponentially growing: + 302%.

“Despite the almost complete reopening of the economy – comments Michele Crisci, President of Unrae, the association of foreign car manufacturers – the registration bleeding continues in June for the unprecedented crisis triggered by Covid-19, with a loss that without the extra working day, it would have been almost 30%. As expected, the mere restart of economic activities – continues Crisci – is not enough to restart the demand for cars by families and businesses, weakened by the long closure and by the strong concerns for a highly uncertain future, projecting the June figure on the second half , the market would lose another 200,000 registrations, which, together with the half million lost in the first six months, would translate into a drop in the demand for cars in 2020 to 1,200,000 units, an impending debacle denounced by Unrae 4 months ago “.

He then specifies the analysis of the different sectors of Dataforce analysts: “A decrease – they explain – which involved all the distribution channels: the drop in private individuals, however, was clearly less than the market average: -7.51% half of the contraction in the direct registration channel of companies (-14.91%), followed by -20.34% for long-term rental, -53.49% for self-registrations (-54.42% dealers and -41.71% manufacturers), -66.37% for short-term rental. Basically, rent-a-cars started to license again with caution, keeping the evolution of the “state of health” monitored “Of tourism”.

In any case, the situation is worrying: 40,000 jobs are at risk. The alarm was raised by Federauto, the dealers’ association: “The drop in new car registrations registered in June – they explain – is part of the negative track outlined in May and confirms the depressed state of the automotive market following the Covid-19 emergency “. “The fact that we went from the 50% drop in May to the 23% loss in June – explains Adolfo De Stefani Cosentino, president of Federauto – must absolutely not suggest an improvement in the market, but the result is attributable exclusively to the recovery of registrations of new cars ordered before the closure of activities in Italy and not produced due to the lack of parts and components caused by the lockdown of the Asian countries, ahead of the European one. Therefore, the month of June was characterized by a very low level of collection, in some cases with decreases of 50% compared to last year. Without the zero kilometer correction produced in the final, the final result would have been even more deficient “.

Finally, a little optimism comes from Anfia: “There is still a serious double-digit drop also in June, for the Italian auto market – comments Paolo Scudieri, President of the association of Italian companies. The loss has halved compared to that of the previous month of May and we are faced with truly timid signs of restart, mainly due to the disposal of orders accumulated and remained unpaid before the closing of dealers last March, combined with the calendar effects (a more working day in June 2020 than in June 2019) “.

In this context, expectations for the near future are inserted, far from positive. The economic investigation conducted by the Promotor Study Center at the end of June shows that 70% of dealers declare low levels of order acquisition, while 62% also complain of an unsatisfactory turnout of salespeople interested in purchasing. The situation of the car sector in Italy is also affected by the fact that there are around 500,000 unsold cars in stock and that the financial situation of many dealers is highly critical. In the first six months of the year, the sector had a loss of turnover of around 9 billion with direct damage also for the tax authorities, which lost almost 2 billion in revenue just for VAT. It follows, according to Gian Primo Quagliano, president of the Centro Studi Promotor, the absolute need for incentives to be launched as soon as possible even for those who scrap cars over 10 years old and buy new cars with traditional, as well as electric, power supply.

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