Austrian GP 2020: race pace, tire and weather strategies – Formula 1


Starting grid (top 10) and tires mounted at the start (used in Q2)

1st Row1. Valtteri Bottas Soft
2. Lewis Hamilton Soft
2nd Row3. Max Verstappen Medium
Red Bull
4. Lando Norris Soft
3rd Row5. Alex Albon Soft
Red Bull
6. Sergio Perez Soft
Racing Point
4th Row7. Charles Leclerc Soft
8. Carlos Sainz Soft
5th Row9. Lance Stroll Soft
Racing Point
10. Daniel Ricciardo Soft

Difference between compounds and longer stints (Pirelli data)

Best strategies out of 71 laps of the Austrian GP (Pirelli data)

On paper, the best strategy for the 71 laps of the Austrian Grand Prix is ​​to stop, with the first stint on P Zero Red soft for 24-28 laps, then P Zero White hard to the finish. Alternatively, a very similar tactic sees the first stint on P Zero Yellow medium for 27-32 laps, then hard. There is no big difference between the two strategies on the total race time, but the latter offers greater flexibility. Another one-stop strategy sees the C4 soft for 30-34 laps in the first part of the race, then medium to the finish. A two-stop strategy is possible, albeit slower, with the first two stints on soft for 16-18 laps each, then medium or hard depending on the race circumstances.

Tires available for the race (Pirelli data)

Long run of the pilots in PL2 (unknown petrol and power mapping – credits @ tonisokolov1011)

Top speed (qualification data)

Weather forecast for the race (15.10 local and Italian time)
3pm: Mostly sunny, 27 °, wind 7 km / h NE, probability of rain 0%
4pm: Mostly sunny, 27 °, wind 7 km / h ENE, probability of rain 0%

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