Austria ‘less flexible’, code orange in Croatia


Corona news from across the border: Austria is turning back corona relaxations. Code orange in Croatia, Dutch travelers can go home.

The Austrian government is forced to reverse some of the relaxation of the corona measures as the number of infections increases. Wearing a mask in a store, bank or post office will be mandatory again from Friday.

There are also restrictions for religious services. Every believer must wear a face mask if the religious community has contacts with risk areas abroad. Places of worship close after a positive test, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced. Face masks were recently only mandatory in public transport and in some regions. Border controls with Hungary and Slovenia are also being strengthened.

A photo of Sebastian Kurz
Sebastian Kurz. Photo: EPA / Christian Bruna

Austria was one of the first European countries to take drastic measures against the corona outbreak. As a result, it was also one of the first to partially lift these restrictions. There are now days when more than 100 people contract an infection.

Holidays to Croatia are not recommended

Holiday trips to all of Croatia are again discouraged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The country has changed from yellow to orange in the travel advice.

The infection rate of the coronavirus has increased, the ministry said. “Only travel to Croatia if necessary.” People in Croatia are requested “urgently” to return to quarantine for a fortnight on their return. Croatia has been severely affected by the corona virus. The country with four million inhabitants is very dependent on tourism. In recent years, Croatia’s popularity as a holiday destination has increased.

A photo of a slide near a swimming pool in Croatia.
Tourists on a water slide in Croatia. Packed together: but don’t do it. Photo: ANP / Marcel Antonisse

Holidaymakers who have traveled to Croatia through a tour company can be brought back home if they wish. People who would soon be traveling to the country can count on a voucher, money back or have to rebook their flight. The travel advice for the country changed from code yellow to orange on Tuesday afternoon. At the moment 600 Dutch people are vacationing in Croatia via TUI.

America: Aviation is eager

Major European and American airlines want to be able to transport passengers between Europe and the United States again. That is why they call on the authorities in Brussels and Washington to collaborate on common air passenger testing for COVID-19. This could restart the passenger flow.

American Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa and International Airlines Group (IAG), the parent company of Iberia and British Airways, have jointly prepared a letter for this. They sent it to US Vice President Mike Pence and Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for the Interior.

A photo of American Airlines passengers
American Airlines is eager to fly to Europe (and back). Foto: Getty Images / Joe Raedle

Due to the corona crisis, Europe is locked to most Americans and vice versa to most Europeans. Mutual consultation has not yet led to the reopening of the borders. “We recognize that testing presents a number of challenges, but we believe that a pilot testing program for the transatlantic market could be an excellent opportunity for government and industry to work together and find ways to overcome obstacles to overcome, ”said the airlines today.

Corona test required for flight to China

People flying to China must show the results of a test that indicates they are not infected with the corona virus before boarding the plane. This is what the Chinese aviation authorities said today. The test should be no more than five days old. The institution taking the test should be deemed suitable for this by the Chinese embassy in the country.

Residents of China can enter an image of their negative test certificate into a health app. Foreigners must go to an embassy or consulate in China under the new rules with evidence that they are not infected.

A photo of the airport in Shanghai
The airport in Shanghai. Foto: Getty Images / Yin Liqin

The new rules could be a stumbling block for some travelers. In many countries, authorities are struggling with the available tests. For example, in parts of the United States it can sometimes take up to two weeks for people to get the rash.

Belgian national holiday on balcony

The Belgian national holiday looks completely different this year due to the corona virus. For example, the big fireworks show has been canceled, there is no military parade and the Bal National has been converted into a Balcon National. Normally about 100,000 people move to the Belgian capital, the police asked people to stay at home today.

The Belgians celebrate their national holiday on July 21 every year. On that day in 1831, the first king of the Belgians, Leopold I, was sworn in. In 1830, Belgium broke away from the Netherlands during the Belgian Revolution.

A photo of the king and queen of Belgium during National Day
King Philippe and Queen Mathilde during the National Day of Belgium. Photo: Getty Images / Patrick van Katwijk

The military parade and the civil parade could not take place because of the measures against the corona virus. Instead, there were times when the victims of the lung virus are commemorated and all health care workers are put in the limelight. This happened during the traditional Te Deum in the morning and in the palace in the afternoon. During the church service, three minutes of silence were first observed, and then the church bells for the victims of the virus rang for three minutes.

More than 80,000 deaths in Brazil

The corona virus continues to spread in Latin America. In Brazil, more than 80,000 people have now died from the effects of the virus, the Brazilian Ministry of Health reported today. In the country, over 20,000 new contamination cases and 632 deaths have been reported in the past 24 hours.

The country is the second most affected worldwide by the United States, due to the corona virus. At least 2.1 million people have been found to have (had) the coronavirus. 80,120 of them died.

A photo of President Bolsonaro with two thumbs up
President Jair Bolsonaro thinks that in his country with corona, things are not as bad as we think. Photo: Getty Images / Bruna Prado

Two ministers have also been infected in Brazil. These are Onyx Lorenzoni (Citizenship) and Milton Ribeiro (Education), who both announced this on social media. Two members of the government of President Jair Bolsonaro were previously known to have contracted the virus and the president himself was infected.

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